Amazfit Pop 2

Amazfit Pop 2 Smartwatch launching in India

Amazfit, which makes some of the most popular smart wearables in the world, has added the Amazfit Pop 2 to its line of smart wearables. This latest version of the series has a great battery life, a big, immersive screen, the ability to make calls over Bluetooth, and a lot of improved sports features.

The Amazfit Pop 2 is a “SmartIndiaKiSmartwatch” that can make phone calls through Bluetooth.
The 1.78″ HD AMOLED screen on the smartwatch is pretty big.
The watch has a battery life of 10 days, can track your health 24 hours a day, and has 100 different sports modes that can be tracked and analysed in real time.
Pricing and Availability

The Amazfit Pop 2 will come out in India on November 22. It will cost 3,299 INR and will be available on Flipkart at noon on that day. On the 23rd, you’ll be able to buy it on the official Amazfit website for a reasonable price of 3999 INR. There will be two colour options for the smartwatch: black and pink.

Extremely long battery life of 10 days

The Amazfit Pop 2’s battery can power the device for up to 10 days with normal use. It has a maximum capacity of 270 mAh. Customers can now enjoy the dynamic features of the smartwatch in more comfort.

Bluetooth lets you handle phone calls

The watch has a microphone and a speaker, so it can be used to answer calls when it’s not convenient to pick up the phone. You can make sure you never miss an important call again by connecting the watch to the phone via Bluetooth.

Support for and monitoring of health

The advanced biosensor in the Amazfit Pop 2 can track a user’s SpO2 level whether they are doing a lot of physical or mental work or just feeling uneasy during the day. A SpO2 test can be started in as little as 16 seconds to get a result. This sensor also keeps track of the heart rate throughout the day. This gives a full picture of a person’s health. The watch will also let you know if your heart rate is too high.

Exquisite Fashion Design

The middle frame of the Amazfit Pop 2 is made of aluminium with a high shine. The button is made of stainless steel with a high shine, which gives it a unique look. The watch shines and looks beautiful. It has a modern borderless design with 2.5D curved glass and a large AMOLED screen to match the most stylish clothes.

Bluetooth Speech-to-Text

The watch lets you use an AI speech assistant on your phone, like Siri or Google Assistant. The bluetooth connection between a user’s watch and phone can also be used to get answers, make notes, and keep track of tasks on the watch.

Several Sporting Events

The Amazfit Pop 2 has more than 100 sports modes to choose from. It can also recognise four common activities, like walking, running, and working out on elliptical and rowing machines, to make training easier. By connecting the Amazfit Pop 2 to the Zepp Active app, users can easily go to the watch face shop, change the settings, and sync all of their important health and fitness data to their phone.

Regarding Amazfit

Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a company that makes health technology, owns Amazfit, a global leader in smart wearables for health and fitness. Amazfit has a wide range of smartwatches and bands, and their brand essence is “Up Your Game,” which encourages people to follow their passions and be active. Amazfit is powered by Zepp Health’s own health management platform, which gives users actionable insights and advice 24/7 through the cloud to help them reach their wellness goals. Amazfit smartwatches have won many design awards, like the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, because of how well they are made.



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